I’ m starting this blog as a way to entertain myself for the next year and half until my husband and i begin trying to get pregnant. I’m an Herbalist and a Massage Therapist and a Flower Essence practitioner in training and soon to be a Doula. I think i have always wanted to be a mother and my career choices reflect my passion for helping women and the magic that is pregnancy and birth and everything in between. I’m not sure what I’m going through lately, maybe its hormones and my bodies way of telling me I’m ready to be a mother but i feel like I’m going crazy. All i want to do is look at baby clothes, read baby books, look for baby names and figure out ways to prepare my body over the next year for pregnancy. I’ve also started a small local Asheville business called Ohm Gnome where i am in the process of making a range of products mostly focused on mama and baby, but also for pets, safe home cleaning products, and the most fun…. a line of Gnaughty Gnome products 😉

My husband Greg and I are trying out this 1 1/2  – 2 year plan so that we can get in some husband/wife travel time to make up for our honeymoon and hopefully save some money. So along with my baby crave ramblings i will share as we plan our out of country adventure to wherever it may be.

the adventure has begun