At age 13 the struggle and pain began. Long, excruciating cycles for 2 weeks straight or none what so ever for almost 2 months was the lead up to my first ruptured cyst at age 14. I have never felt that much indescribable pain, riding to the hospital, sure that i was dying (i sound super dramatic but i hope you never have to experience it) finally making it to the hospital and so happily excepting a morphine drip. My visit set me up with the understanding that my cycles had been irregular due to the build up and blockage that the cyst was creating on my ovary and that it could continue to happen unless a regular dose of hormones (birth control) was taken. I have to say that i had no complaints and you wouldn’t either if you had felt the pain that i felt for my first year of womanhood. I was scared. I took the pills and took them for 9 years until this week. I’m thankful for the relief that birth control has provided me but this is a new chapter and 9 years is long enough. I’m looking forward to working with my body to understand and learn my natural cycle.

A while back i spoke to one of my amazing flower essence teachers about my issues and how i wanted to be free of birth control and she recommended femmenessence  (, it’s an herbal product made with different strands of maca to support natural hormonal function. So, for a month at least now iv’e been taking it while on the birth control to hopefully introduce it to my system before i just up and stop BC cold turkey. I’m waiting to see what happens and manifesting positive results. My cycle has started now and i plan to keep a journal to track it. I am praying that since my body has had a normal cycle for 9 years it will pick up where the BC left off. This is so important to me for so many reasons, especially as a woman working on fertility over the next year. I have plans to continue working with herbs. I am also looking into acupuncture to support me in my journey and will keep you posted on that as well ^_^