Today i experienced my first acupuncture visit. This is something i have pondered on for quite some time but never got around to until now. Since my break up with birth control i have been really good, tho its only been a week everything has been pretty normal so I’m working on supporting my body in the switch from birth control to function on its own natural rhythm. I don’t know a whole ton about Chinese medicine but i have studied massage and herbs and have learned enough to come to a positive conclusion about it. I’m very excited about this process! So, anyways, there is an amazing acupuncture college right here in Montford that has a student clinic. I actually had been looking into attending the school and had concerns of whether or not i could do years of school + baby so I spoke with the school director who gave me a list of students in there 4th year working in the clinic. One particular student she suggested speaking to is married with 3 kids, has a farm and his wife is also in school. That was definitely comforting to hear. I kinda shoved the list of students in my bag and planned on setting up an interview with him but life happened and i forgot. Oddly enough when i set up my appointment for acupuncture he was the student i was put with! I almost feel its a sign to continue researching becoming an acupuncturist but also a sign that anything is possible and if i want to do both i shouldn’t give up. WHEW! thats a bit of a tangent but to get to the point, i went to my session today and love the treatment i get from doctors of chinese medicine as opposed to the treatment you receive when you go to the doctors office. This is the way its suppose to be, they really took a look at every aspect of my body and lifestyle to understand the root cause of my issues instead of  just addressing a symptom and giving me a pill. We talked for 2 hours (because its a student clinic there is the main student, an intern and their mentor) they listened and asked lots of questions on top of my 2 page intake form. It was very interesting hearing that a lot of my issues that seemed unrelated were tied in to the big picture. They told me that some issues were genetic, part of my code given to me in the womb and since that is my concern- supporting the womb and fertility it is all connected and can all be addressed on one channel- chong mai. Chong mai focuses on the reproductive system and so far thats as much as i know, i plan to study up and further understand. This is the channel on the body that they tapped the needles in. I have to say that i hadn’t even thought of the needles until it was time for them and i was like “is it gonna hurt”. I sounded like a kid getting a shot and hoping for a lolly pop and someone to hold my hand. It did hurt, but only on one point. The point on my foot above my arch, other than that i was golden! They put 6 other needles along my abdomen and i didn’t even feel them, and one in my wrist (slightly uncomfortable but not near as bad as the foot 🙂 )

I stayed put with the needles in for a half an hour and waited as they talked amongst themselves about what herbs to combine for me. I’m still researching the herbs but so far its amazing how spot on all of them are and they seem to be well suited for me. I’m taking them as a decoction, which basically means a really strong tea. I’m doing a follow up visit next monday and will keep you posted on how it goes.

on a last little side note: although Greg and i aren’t even trying to get pregnant at the moment and i don’t know for sure with my medical history if infertility will even be an issue. This is simply my way of supporting my body and fingers crossed when we do try it will be easy breezy. Here is a tid bit that i found interesting: on to more adventuring…