So, for my sanity i have decided to focus my attention on travel for a bit and give my brain a chance to cool off from all these baby thoughts. Greg and I are planning an out of the country get away next year, we just don’t know where to yet. I for the longest time have wanted to go to New Zealand… i belong in NZ! To bad the tickets would cost $4,000 for both of us and we do not have enough time to save up. One day i will make it there but for now i must focus on the slightly more affordable. Any suggestions?

Also, Greg and i took a lovely little trip to the Arboretum yesterday and got some cute pictures. I love little days with my honey ❤

This little friendly guy jumped on me! i almost swatted him away until i realized he wasn’t a giant bug Passionflora ❤
my little Rupert bear ❤