so i have decided to start medicinal monday! This is when i will choose a medicinal plant and give you the low down on it. ❤ I’ve been looking forward to this because not only will it be good to share with others but it will help me as an herbalist further educate myself and obtain & remember more information!

Medicinal plant of the week~ ROSE HIPS! (an amazing little fruit)

With cold weather on its way this is  a good plant to know! Have you ever wondered what a rose hip is? Its actually the fruit produced on a wild rose after the flower falls off and its loaded with super concentrated amounts of vitamin C. As we all know Vitamin C is great for boosting immunity but also prevents cardiovascular disease, prenatal health disease, eye disease, cancer and is an amazing antioxidant. Higher blood levels of vitamin C may be the ideal nutrition marker for overall health says webMD. We should all work towards a diet with 9 servings of fruits and vegetables a day, but if you are like me and that number blows your mind just a bit then taking a good whole foods supplement with rose hips will work just as nicely. Rose hips have so many wonderful uses and ways to be used so don’t stop your knowledge of them here. Rose hips are just one of the many immune boosting plants so geek out with some herb books and discover all the health wealth mother nature has to offer ❤

Be picky about the supplements you choose!   This is super important because there are unfortunately a lot of company’s who don’t use the proper part of the plant or use synthetic chemical isolates, none of which are of any use to us. My advice is to research and don’t go to walmart for your supplemental needs. Some company’s that i love are &

Happy Monday everyone ❤