In getting my body ready for baby i have started reading up on nutrition and heres whats up

I’m not a fan of leafy greens.. yes i know thats funny because im an herbalist and all that jazz but its just never been possible, i have and insta-gag reflex, so i have discovered Bolthouse farms Green Goodness smoothie. Check it out ~

Bolthouse Farms® Green Goodness® starts with wheat grass, spirulina, spinach and blue-green algae. We add apples, kiwis, mangos, bananas, pineapples and dragon fruit to make it a good source of iron and Vitamin B6, naturally rich in Vitamins A, C, and B12, and packed with powerful phytonutrients found in nature’s most nutritious greens.

Blend of 8 delicious juices/purees.Packed with 14 powerful nutrients delivering unmatched healthy green phytonutrients.No preservatives and nothing artificial.Flash pasteurized and cold-filled for longer shelf life and superior nutrition.100% Juice, 100% Natural and no sugar added.

I love it! i just taste kinda like a thick pineapple juice to me and its easy to drink the 8oz serving each morning. Along with this i have added a folate rich cereal by Kashi. I have  a really hard time eating breakfast so just doing this little juice and cereal routine is giving me loads of extra nutrition that i wouldn’t normally get and helps me not feel like im starving when lunch rolls around.

I have also fallen in love with Kiwi fruit! i have always liked it but i just discovered that its the one fruit i can buy that is consistently awesome tasting. I love peaches and raspberries and strawberries etc. all of these fruits are amazing but tend to be unpredictable in taste and texture. Kiwi is available year round and so far i haven’t tasted a bad one. The ones i have been buying are organic zespri from New Zealand. Kiwis have amazing nutritional value~ very low in Saturated Fat, Cholesterol and Sodium. It is also a good source of Dietary Fiber, Vitamin E (Alpha Tocopherol), Potassium and Copper, and a very good source of Vitamin C and Vitamin K.

I have also found some amazing research on kiwi’s being used as “aspirin” therapy because it is a natural blood thinner (which can be good news for those taking aspirin because aspirin can lead to leaky gut syndrome~ or the breakdown of the intestinal lining)

Kiwis just rock! keep reading about them… i feel like i find something new everyday 🙂

I have found that when i start wanting to snack these usually do the trick and i don’t end up eating a bunch of junk that i will regret.

Speaking of snacks, i really love stoneyfield farms cream on the top yogurt   (particularly the chocolate underground one). Full fat dairy products are also fertility boosters. Im not saying go out and eat a tub of ice cream everyday but a serving of full fat yogurt can only help. Here is a little blurb from feed the belly * A Harvard study found that women who ate two or more servings of low fat dairy products per week had a higher risk of ovulatory infertility, while women who consumed full fat dairy (like ice cream and whole milk) with the same frequency had lower incidence. You need a certain amount of fat to absorb vitamins.*

Eat the good organic stuff! Our bodies recognize whole foods and can process them better and put them to good use when they have been put through little to no processing.

Along with working on my diet and making sure im eating 3 good meals a day i have also stopped drinking. I have never drank very much except occasionally when im out with friends but i have read that alcohol can zap your body of folic acid. Folic acid (essential B vitamin) is so important that its recommended to start taking supplements 3 months to a year before trying to conceive. Folic acid is essential to the development of your baby’s spinal cord and spinal nerves. You also need it to produce red blood cells. We should be taking in 600 to 800 mcg of folic acid daily. This can be hard to do with just food alone because lets face it … this is america and we all have busy schedules that make it difficult to always keep track of what we eat. As an Herbalist i believe in  the importance in whole foods and knowing where your supplements come from and what they contain. A lot of companies will throw in egg shells for calcium and unnecessary ingredients to seem like they contain more but really your body will not recognize these ingredients and will spend more time trying to convert and sort nutrients that in the end what have you really gotten from your vitamin?  So with that being said, here is the whole food vitamin that im in love with~

this company totally rocks my socks! heres the link for the supplement facts~

Another supplement i like is evening primrose oil. My last post was about EPO. Its really amazing because it contains some fatty acids that are super essential and can help reduce pain with menstruation and also help your body create healthy cervical fluid (the kind that is needed to help the sperm get to the egg). *Note though that if you are taking EPO and TTC you should only take it from menstruation to ovulation then stop at ovulation because it could cause uterine contractions and if you were to become pregnant this is something you do not want to happen.

Some books i’ve been looking through~

This one is nice because its not intimidating. It tells you straight forward the best foods to eat how much of each vitamin or mineral is needed etc. There are also some yummy recipes in the back. I have already made 2 (lemony chicken with capers & ginger salmon) of them with success! I am no chef either so that is saying something. They were simple, with easy to find ingredients quick to prep & cook and tasted amazing and Greg loved them too ❤

This book isn’t the greatest thing in the world but it tells you how to understand your cycle and signals of fertility by tracking your morning temperatures and cervical fluid. Along with doing all this you can buy Fertility tests (to detect follicle stimulating hormone) & OPK’s (ovulation prediction kits) while your learning, to help you confirm your LH surge (LH surge leads to ovulation). I also found this printable chart on the, heres the link~

I have a list of books i still need to buy for my Doula training that im really excited about so once i get those i will start reviewing them on here.

This is of interest to me as well~ Did you know that most lubricants (other than your own fluids) can destroy sperm and prevent them from reaching there destination? I came across a product called pre seed. If extra lubrication is needed or you aren’t producing sufficient cervical fluid and TTC this could come in handy because its the only lubricant thats “fertility friendly” and will not hurt sperm or embryos. There are a lot of people who thought they were infertile or something was wrong when it was as simple as not having enough fertile cervical fluid. Its worth a try~

its obvious that i spend way to much time geeking out on pregnancy…

I’ve even found some favorite mommy blogs to read~