A lot has happened since my last post.

Greg and i celebrated our first year of marriage on October 8th by going zip-lining at Navitat canopy tours. We had an amazing time and i think Greg conquered (well kinda conquered) his fear of heights.

I have taken up knitting and crocheting this winter and…. um, … i’m sure there have been lots of awesome things that have happened over the past few months but there is only one that i can think of right now, I’M PREGNANT!

I know that when i started this blog i said we wanted to wait a couple of years and blah blah… but we couldn’t stand it. We just felt ready, and after only a few months of trying it happened. I couldn’t believe it when i finally got that positive test. As of now i’m getting close to my 12th week and ready to get out of my first trimester. I think ready is an understatement. I have never been so sick in my life. My midwife finally had to put me on anti-nausea meds after i had tried everything natural i possibly could. I just wasn’t eating and i felt awful all the time. I’m slowly feeling better but i still have a ton of food aversions. Right now we are excited to find out boy or girl but have at least another month before we know.

Aside from the baby excitement, i have never been more anxious for spring to come. My inner plant geek is going insane with all the snow and deadness outside, and i just want to go exploring in the woods, feel the sunshine, spend time with the flowers and plants and go swimming. The snow is starting to get on my last nerve and i’m tired of layering up in tons of clothes. So to get my fix i have been reading Botany in a day, and various plant I.D. books to prepare. Me and my Father in law are going to start a food garden too! I have been wanting to start a garden for years but just haven’t had the space to do it. This is going to be an amazing summer!

I wish i had pics to post but i’m not on my computer, so maybe next time 😉