So i’m in week 31 of my pregnancy and can hardly believe how much time has passed. We were able to find out the day before my birthday that we’re having a BOY! So many things have happened and changed these past few months and I’m disappointed in myself for not taking more pictures or writing more blogs but such is life i suppose.

I just celebrated my baby shower with some amazing friends and family and we have been moving into our new apartment for the past week and half! Holy cow you really don’t realize how much stuff you have until you move, needless to say we have donated a ton of stuff to make room for new baby things and just to make life simpler. Also now that we are back home in the beautiful city of Asheville I’ve been able to pick up prenatal yoga again and Greg and i are starting our summer dog walks around Montford again. Its so good to be home. 

The baby issue on my mind as of late is cloth diapering. We have looked into a few routes and i really like the gdiapers because you can use flushable inserts or cloth. We have the gdiaper newborn starter kit and I mostly plan to use cloth but i’m drowning in information about maintaining the cloth, what detergent to use and still get them disinfected, dry pail or wet? anyone with experience in this area? Your advice and input would be greatly appreciated! Aside from the diapering drama that’s going on in my head im really getting excited about nesting and putting Rowyn’s room together. Greg just put the changing table together last week, and we are waiting for the crib that is a hand me down from my little brother. We got this really cute woodland deer crib set at our shower and its killing me to not already have the crib to put it all in. It is slowly coming together though and i will post pictures as soon as we make more progress.

My next task is to figure out how i want my maternity photos. I have a family member who is an amazing photographer and im looking forward to meeting up with him and talking about what were going to do. I constantly look on for inspiration and hope that we can get creative and come up with some beautiful and unique photos.

More to come in the following weeks! stay tuned ❤