Today im 32 weeks! Greg and i have 3 days off together so we decided to do a little local baby moon. Yesterday we attempted the parkway, unfortunately we were ill prepared and without a map didn’t find any trails i could handle (only super difficult, steep ones) but the drive was beautiful and totally worth it. Greg is such a wonderful husband, he even went to my prenatal yoga class with me. I really don’t think i could have asked for a better man, he does everything with me (as long as hes not working, which is a lot), he’s so supportive and encouraging constantly.


Today we decided to take a trolley tour of Asheville. Its interesting how much we learned about our city. It sounds odd to tour your own city but i would recommend it to anyone, you get to hear crazy old stories, cool bits of history and its nice to just ride around and sight see (especially if your pregnant lol), It was kind of perfect for today anyways because it ended up storming so we still got to get out of the house and do something despite the rain.

like my trolley tour sticker? lol

We ate dessert at the chocolate lounge downtown. Its really the best place to go for dessert in our opinions.

Chocolate torte with berry sauce YUM!

Maple butter cake with smoked sea salt!

The craziest thing happened though while we were walking up lexington to the chocolate lounge we saw an accident happen at the intersection. A girl got thrown from her motorcycle after being hit in the side by a pick up truck! I have never seen an accident happen like that. Thank god the girl was ok. we ran up as soon as we saw it, called the police and waited with her for the ambulance to arrive. I was really shaken up and almost felt weird going to have dessert after that. The worst part of it was that while she was lying in the middle of the intersection in the rain, she and the guy that hit her were arguing about who had the light. People amaze me. Its been an eventful day and think we are going to enjoy the sounds of the storm tonight, maybe play some video games or watch a movie and just unwind.

I cant wait for tomorrow! more fun to come ❤