Now on day 2 of 3 eventful days with my sweet husband, even though its technically not the “weekend” it is our weekend . After 10 days straight of him working its nice to spend some quality time together. Yesterday we got some felt and magnet sheets, and some fancy fabric to have a little crafty time.

Greg’s brother has been away for 3 weeks in Ukraine and just got back. He came over for a the evening yesterday, so while Greg was enjoying some bro/video game time I made these fancy burp rags! I just made a few but i have enough fabric for at least 12 more!

We made little felt MonSteR magnets for our fridge!

We also had a Midwife checkup today and everything is going great and right on schedule. Only problem is im not gaining much weight. I just don’t have a huge appetite and all i want is fruit so they suggested trying to get in more calories with nuts, nut butters, avacado, cheeses, yogurt etc. i can do that! I’m hoping to put on a couple of pounds by next checkup. I just ate a glob of peanut butter and nutella on cashew crackers lol … there is my start. Rowyn is moving with such intensity these days that it feels like my sides are going to burst sometimes! The shock of him wiggling around causes some shooting pains and sends me to the floor when im least expecting it. Its a constant reminder that our time as one is running out and soon he will be here, a separate little person. I cant wait to meet him but im sure i will miss the feeling of him in my belly.