I have only had 3 hours of sleep and i think im losing it @_@

Tomorrow i will be 35 weeks along and i really feel like this pregnancy is coming to a close. I mean, he has to be getting here soon. My pelvis is killing me, i can barely walk through the grocery store without having to take ten breaks or pause because of a shooting pain (or what feels like lightning bursting through my junk, pardon my gracefulness). All i can think about is preparing. I spent all day yesterday just pacing Rowyn’s room trying to figure out what i could do to feel more “ready” because at the moment we are still waiting on his crib and several other things that will fill the space. I ended up washing most of his clothes and mentally figuring out which ones were going into the hospital bag… which we are packing today lol. Yes, so Greg and i have planned to pack the hospital bag (at least mostly), schedule meetings with pediatricians and probably force ourselves to read more of the vaccine book. Then luckily we will escape the madness by having dinner with some friends. Its crazy though how much needs to be done and how i just feel like the clock is ticking now and pretty soon he will be here.


Here are some things we plan to pack for the hospital (i think we have most of it covered but you let me know if im leaving something essential out)

  • our “birth intentions” mainly meant for the hospital nurse because our doula and midwife will know whats going on
  • Contact list (give to doula to make calls or message people for us)
  • Extra clothes for Greg and some swim trunks (for the birthing tub)
  • Comfy PJ’s, Slippers, a robe, some nursing tops etc.
  • Clothes and diapers (chem. free wipes) for Rowyn
  • Toiletries and other things- toothbrush, soap, shampoo, (does the hospital have hair dryers like in hotels? lol) chapstick, small bottle of olive oil to clean off meconium (aka Rowyn’s first poo), belly and nipple balm, sitz blend, herbal goodies for my lady parts  etc.
  • water bottle with a big bendy straw – thank you miss Maranda for your post on things to pack.. it was a big help! ( I would post a link but i searched and couldn’t find it)
  • PILLOWS! i am a freak for my own pillows, and i don’t think i would like the hospital ones very much lol, maybe a bath pillow as well?
  • lists of  restaurants closest to the hospital that we like and to-go menus so that we can send people out to get food for us  😉
  • easy to grab snacks like granola bars, dried fruits, nuts etc
  • Do not disturb sign
  • Ipod with playlists ready to go
  • Camera (may not want any pictures during birth but good to have around for after

I think that’s most of it but i am running on very little sleep so i may think of something i left out later

Im also a bit stressed about going into the hospital at all, even though Mission is an amazing hospital to birth at i would rather be at home, so im going to have to make the hospital room as much like home as possible… wonder if the nurse will let me build a fort with chairs and sheets… probably not. I will just pretend im in one of these places….

Ok, Guess its time to decide if i want to go back to bed for an hour or just shower and make breakfast… or just go insane