Today I had my blessingway! It was so sweet to be surrounded by my friends and just soak up their company and blessings before my labor. They brought food and painted my belly with henna. We played apples to apples lol, and we did a “chain link” sort of thing where we all sat in a circle and wrapped yarn around our wrists so that we were all linked. They each offered their blessings and wisdom to me before cutting the yarn and tying off our pieces to make little bracelets on each of our wrists, as a reminder to me that they are with me in labor, and to them so that they are reminded and thinking of me to send me good thoughts and love.

On another note, Im almost 38 weeks now and making amazing progress. My new midwife who i absolutely love came over last week to check up on how we were doing and even though he was head down it was still sitting pretty high in my pelvis. She said “don’t get to stuck on the idea of going into labor early”  Just because if im sitting around waiting for it to happen its like watching the water boil, if you keep watching it never seems to happen. I had told her i felt that it may happen early but i wouldn’t cling to the idea, i would just let it unfold however it needed to. So these past couple of days i started having some intense cramping and movement from the baby and felt like something was up but didn’t want to bother the midwife if nothing was actually happening. The movements got pretty hard to ignore this evening so i just shot her an email and within 30 min she called me to check in and asked if she could come over and check on me and the baby. She was amazed to discover that his head is fully engaged and just at how quickly he moved into position. She was so amazed at the progress she is bringing the birthing tub tomorrow morning “just in case”. Im so happy, lucky, and blessed to have a midwife that is so sincere in her work that she would come to my house at 11 at night without me asking  just to check on us. We talked for a while and it was really comforting and exciting to hear the progress we are making.

Im looking forward to my birth experience ❤