Now Rowyn is almost 2 months old and im finally going to sit down and share our birth story.

On August 8th sometime in the evening our labor began. Greg was just finishing up at work and it wasn’t enough for me to call him home so i had my friend and doula Stacy come over and prepare with me. We went out to get some snacks for the labor and came home to count contractions as they slowly grew more noticeable. Greg came home from work and Stacy went home to rest up for the birth, But it seemed almost as soon as Greg and i went to bed labor became to uncomfortable to ignore and just sleep. I got up and walked around, i got in the shower and eventually i cried out for Greg to call our Midwife. After Sara arrived its almost like we were in a time warp and everything is such a blur. I remember constantly moving from birth tub to shower to comfort myself. I screamed for an epidural a few times (i wont lie. I understand why any woman would want drugs during labor, ITS INTENSE!) Sara was amazing and everytime i thought about going in she would say “ok we will get your things ready and we can go in no problem but just so you know, you will have to get in the car and there are a few things that you have to do when you go in to the hospital that we should talk about and make sure your ready for that transition”. Her telling me this was enough to bring things into perspective because i honestly did not want to get into a car and slow my labor and end up having procedures done in the hospital that i hadn’t planned for or wanted in the first place. Greg would get into the birthing tub with me and hold my hips and sway with me. He always encouraged me and kept me going, he was right there with me doing everything i needed from start to finish. Looking at the clock was bizarre because hours passed like minutes and before i knew it it was the next evening and we had made it through the night, through all of the Harry Potter movies and almost all of the energy i thought i had. The girls would feed me chunks of watermelon or a sip of recharge or some honey without asking and it was a good thing because i couldn’t do it for myself or even think about food. I hit some hard spots where i was sure i would die, i screamed and everyone would start a low hum so that i would follow and breath through contractions instead of wearing myself thin screaming. Finally i was getting angry at my contractions and just started pushing. I pushed a bit to long on and off for almost 4 or 5 hours and ended up on my side in the bathroom floor with Sara (our midwife) sitting on the edge of the toilet, Greg on the side of the bathtub and Stacy and Jen (our midwifes assistant) at my head. After almost 24 hours of labor Rowyn was going to make his appearance but not without some bumps in the road. His head started to show but there was a mass in the way holding him back and Sara became concerned that i would just keep pushing and possibly push out whatever the swollen mass was so she talked to me and we made the call to go into the hospital. Its better to be safe than sorry and after all of that hard work i wanted things to go as smooth as possible. The ride to the hospital was only 8 minutes tops but when your crowning in the back of an SUV going over bumps in the middle of hard unstoppable contractions its not so pleasant to say the least. We got in, hooked up to monitors and ended up with the biggest asshole doctor in the hospital. Luckily the resident that he was overseeing was amazing and the nurses were incredible. He tried to order an epidural while i was crowning without even talking to me, he walked around talking about me like i wasn’t in the room and obviously had a problem with home birth and was trying to take it out on Sara who he insulted quite a few times. I had to tell him to stop and that he couldn’t make her leave. Sara was an advocate for me and was asking him how was an epidural going to happen at this point in my labor, his head was crowning, how would i sit still enough for an epidural and i had made it this far why did i need one? She said ” i think Anna can do it, shes made it this far” and his response was “really can she?” that was the cherry on top for me, i thought “i will show you” so i pushed even harder hoping that Rowyn would just pop out already. They were talking about making a small incision so that i didn’t tear and so that i didn’t push the mass out any further. It scared me but it made since, and i insisted that the resident doctor do the incision and that the overseeing doctor get the hell away from me. It was empowering to tell him to pretty much fuck off. After dealing with this doctor i was even happier for having labored at home as long as i had. Before i knew it, everyone in the room (except the doctor ofcourse) were cheering me on and telling me to keep pushing and all of the sudden there he was in my arms crying for me. That was the most incredible, magical moment of my life. Looking into his sweet eyes and seeing this perfect person for the first time. There is nothing like it. We all worked so hard and the reward is Rowyn Kael Morgan, born on his due date August 9th 2011 at 11pm. He weighed 8 lbs 11 oz which no one expected but he is just a big, healthy boy. Now he is almost 2 months old 14 pounds and full of personality. Greg and i are so in love and so grateful for our birth experience.We worked together and made it through without drugs and with very little intervention. We have no regrets about going into the hospital. Im so thankful for modern medicine when its needed and the mass is still an unknown, unexplained thing but whatever it was can’t be found now and we are both happy and healthy.