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Im so excited to meet you and also terrified of giving birth. Somewhere within me i know we can do it. I know my body was created for this, that you and i will be working together, and i will try to trust that. I will do my best to enjoy these last days, weeks, moments of pregnancy and not think constantly on what birth will be like, because this is the last time that i will have you all to myself and my thoughts should be positive and empowering both of us. I have to say through it all that your dad is constantly pushing me through my fears and worrisome thoughts. Your daddy is amazing. He works so hard for the two of us and we are very lucky and blessed to have him in our lives. He reads to you often and we just started reading my favorite a week ago, Harry Potter. Daddy is so supportive and loving and whenever im in pain or scared he is right there giving me love and support with words and touch. I hope that you inherit or learn these incredible qualities that your dad has. Its a rare thing to find someone so sincere in all that they do. Most of all i hope that you will be a happy little boy and always feel like you can talk to either of us about anything. I want to create safe space for you and i want you to grow into the beautiful person that you choose to be, and we will both be there with you the whole way giving you love and support.

I love you with all my heart and i cant wait to welcome you into the world.

Love, Mommy


I talked to you today and you knew my voice. You moved so much in my belly it brought tears to my eyes. I cant believe that im going to meet you soon. I’ve started a playlist for you and i sing sometimes and wonder if you will know these songs when you get here. Im so glad that you chose me to be your mother and i cant wait to hold you in my arms and kiss you. I cant wait to see your daddy hold you. We love you so much already that its hard to imagine how much more we are going to fall in love with you when we meet you for the first time.

“I walked into this life a lover, and i was carrying a deep hope for you. Little pack of fire, i watched you from afar, a blazing, burning star. I came alive, a new design. The tree of life is what you are” ~Eisley

Love Mommy ❤