Now on day 2 of 3 eventful days with my sweet husband, even though its technically not the “weekend” it is our weekend . After 10 days straight of him working its nice to spend some quality time together. Yesterday we got some felt and magnet sheets, and some fancy fabric to have a little crafty time.

Greg’s brother has been away for 3 weeks in Ukraine and just got back. He came over for a the evening yesterday, so while Greg was enjoying some bro/video game time I made these fancy burp rags! I just made a few but i have enough fabric for at least 12 more!

We made little felt MonSteR magnets for our fridge!

We also had a Midwife checkup today and everything is going great and right on schedule. Only problem is im not gaining much weight. I just don’t have a huge appetite and all i want is fruit so they suggested trying to get in more calories with nuts, nut butters, avacado, cheeses, yogurt etc. i can do that! I’m hoping to put on a couple of pounds by next checkup. I just ate a glob of peanut butter and nutella on cashew crackers lol … there is my start. Rowyn is moving with such intensity these days that it feels like my sides are going to burst sometimes! The shock of him wiggling around causes some shooting pains and sends me to the floor when im least expecting it. Its a constant reminder that our time as one is running out and soon he will be here, a separate little person. I cant wait to meet him but im sure i will miss the feeling of him in my belly.


I talked to you today and you knew my voice. You moved so much in my belly it brought tears to my eyes. I cant believe that im going to meet you soon. I’ve started a playlist for you and i sing sometimes and wonder if you will know these songs when you get here. Im so glad that you chose me to be your mother and i cant wait to hold you in my arms and kiss you. I cant wait to see your daddy hold you. We love you so much already that its hard to imagine how much more we are going to fall in love with you when we meet you for the first time.

“I walked into this life a lover, and i was carrying a deep hope for you. Little pack of fire, i watched you from afar, a blazing, burning star. I came alive, a new design. The tree of life is what you are” ~Eisley

Love Mommy ❤

Happy Fathers day! Today is Greg’s first fathers day. Sadly he has to work but we had all morning to sleep in and enjoy the storm & i made lemon poppy seed pancakes. Greg loves just about any thing that’s lemon poppy seed so it worked out perfectly. I found the recipe on and i would love to share it with you~

Lemon Poppy seed pancakes ❤

If you want the fruity topping its really easy to do and i liked it way better than syrup. All you have to do is put some sliced strawberries and some raspberries (if you like them) into a bowl and dust them with sugar. Stir that around and let them sit at room temp while you prepare your pancakes. When your done just put some on top of your stack  😀

  • 2 cups all purpose, unbleached flour
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1/2 tsp baking soda
  • 1/3 cup sugar
  • pinch of salt
  • 1/3 cup poppy seeds
  • zest of 4 lemons
  • 2 cups buttermilk
  • 2 eggs (free range) lightly beaten
  • 2 tbs melted butter

Combine flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda and salt in a bowl. Combine the other ingredients in a separate bowl then combine all ingredients making sure not to over mix. * The only thing we changed in the recipe was to add the juice of 1 lemon to increase the lemon flavor because even though there is zest from 4 lemons it just didn’t have enough in our opinions. It doesn’t make it overly lemony, just right

Now butter up a pan and make those pancakes!

the powdered sugar is also a must! Enjoy

Greg and I just spent three wonderful days together on our little hometown babymoon. Yesterday was our last day and we went to this place downtown called ‘Fired Up’ where you glaze your own pottery, they fire it and you pick it up in a week. It was a lot of fun and i cant wait to see how our pieces turn out!

We are total Harry Potter geeks and made a ‘Lumos/Nox’ light switch plate too!

Today im 32 weeks! Greg and i have 3 days off together so we decided to do a little local baby moon. Yesterday we attempted the parkway, unfortunately we were ill prepared and without a map didn’t find any trails i could handle (only super difficult, steep ones) but the drive was beautiful and totally worth it. Greg is such a wonderful husband, he even went to my prenatal yoga class with me. I really don’t think i could have asked for a better man, he does everything with me (as long as hes not working, which is a lot), he’s so supportive and encouraging constantly.


Today we decided to take a trolley tour of Asheville. Its interesting how much we learned about our city. It sounds odd to tour your own city but i would recommend it to anyone, you get to hear crazy old stories, cool bits of history and its nice to just ride around and sight see (especially if your pregnant lol), It was kind of perfect for today anyways because it ended up storming so we still got to get out of the house and do something despite the rain.

like my trolley tour sticker? lol

We ate dessert at the chocolate lounge downtown. Its really the best place to go for dessert in our opinions.

Chocolate torte with berry sauce YUM!

Maple butter cake with smoked sea salt!

The craziest thing happened though while we were walking up lexington to the chocolate lounge we saw an accident happen at the intersection. A girl got thrown from her motorcycle after being hit in the side by a pick up truck! I have never seen an accident happen like that. Thank god the girl was ok. we ran up as soon as we saw it, called the police and waited with her for the ambulance to arrive. I was really shaken up and almost felt weird going to have dessert after that. The worst part of it was that while she was lying in the middle of the intersection in the rain, she and the guy that hit her were arguing about who had the light. People amaze me. Its been an eventful day and think we are going to enjoy the sounds of the storm tonight, maybe play some video games or watch a movie and just unwind.

I cant wait for tomorrow! more fun to come ❤

So i’m in week 31 of my pregnancy and can hardly believe how much time has passed. We were able to find out the day before my birthday that we’re having a BOY! So many things have happened and changed these past few months and I’m disappointed in myself for not taking more pictures or writing more blogs but such is life i suppose.

I just celebrated my baby shower with some amazing friends and family and we have been moving into our new apartment for the past week and half! Holy cow you really don’t realize how much stuff you have until you move, needless to say we have donated a ton of stuff to make room for new baby things and just to make life simpler. Also now that we are back home in the beautiful city of Asheville I’ve been able to pick up prenatal yoga again and Greg and i are starting our summer dog walks around Montford again. Its so good to be home. 

The baby issue on my mind as of late is cloth diapering. We have looked into a few routes and i really like the gdiapers because you can use flushable inserts or cloth. We have the gdiaper newborn starter kit and I mostly plan to use cloth but i’m drowning in information about maintaining the cloth, what detergent to use and still get them disinfected, dry pail or wet? anyone with experience in this area? Your advice and input would be greatly appreciated! Aside from the diapering drama that’s going on in my head im really getting excited about nesting and putting Rowyn’s room together. Greg just put the changing table together last week, and we are waiting for the crib that is a hand me down from my little brother. We got this really cute woodland deer crib set at our shower and its killing me to not already have the crib to put it all in. It is slowly coming together though and i will post pictures as soon as we make more progress.

My next task is to figure out how i want my maternity photos. I have a family member who is an amazing photographer and im looking forward to meeting up with him and talking about what were going to do. I constantly look on for inspiration and hope that we can get creative and come up with some beautiful and unique photos.

More to come in the following weeks! stay tuned ❤


Now that i’m in my second trimester i’m crazy about food again… thank god

I stumbled upon this site while looking for a recipe for chana masala and found so much more than that. I love the way the recipe list is set up, it makes it really easy to find new yummy recipes.

Recipe Index


my favorite band of all time has finally released a new record and it is amazing. i cant get enough!

take a listen for yourself~

Eisley (From left: Garron, Chauntelle, Stacy, Weston, Sherri)



all things lovely and handcrafted, i have found so many cool mommy/baby things and i really just enjoy surfing etsy shops




searching for maternity clothing is a bit of a pain in the ass and honestly way overpriced for things that you will only wear a few months. Targets Junior department carries really cute tops that can be worn as maternity tops and their maternity department is pretty awesome too. They carry Liz Lange maternity and the jeans fit perfectly. Seriously i thought i would never find a pair of maternity jeans to fit my non existent butt that didn’t look like i was saving room to smuggle steaks from the grocery store in. or


Its becoming warm again slowly but surely. I saw the crocuses and daffodils blooming and felt the warmth for the past 2 days and i’m ready for some cute dresses. Modcloth is awesome but you have to check it everyday to catch a deal and find the cute dresses.

Lipstick Labyrinth Dress


Asheville is the most amazing place to live and i’m right in the middle of some incredible places to hike. With the warm weather coming in i plan to start back my outdoor adventuring, making flower essences, wild-crafting and simply enjoying nature again after this ridiculously long winter.

Blue Ridge Parkway